Bremgartnerstrasse 7
CH-8003 Zürich

Tel +41 (0)43 433 61 90
Fax +41 (0)43 433 85 24

Welcome to Enzian!

Enzian Ship Management is a young shipping company located in the heart of Europe – Switzerland. The company belongs to the SCL Reederei AG (Swiss Cargo Line) group and is engaged in the full range of shipping related services such as technical management, commercial management, crew management, insurance & claims handling, S&P, new building supervision, accounting and other shipping related services.

Under the ‘Swiss art of Shipmanagement’ we understand the focus to dedicate ourselves to quality control through all company functions. Switzerland represents a modern and reliable location midst Europe’s banking centre. Thus, our goals are sustainability and persistence of our commercial affairs.

As we plan a smooth and steady development of our shipping activities, we believe in strong partnerships. Along this development, we create potential synergies where necessary and possible.

Enzian commenced trading in 1999 and presently operates a fleet of 20 state of the art dry cargo vessels.